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Kara Buzga
Paralegal Supervisor at Mayer Brown, NY, NY

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I hired Cathy to work with a group of multi-talented and experienced paralegals, at the New York office of Mayer Brown, in a professional development capacity. Cathy has a long history and deep knowledge of the paralegal industry. I have worked with Cathy, in the past on the International Paralegal Management Association (IPMA) Resources Committee. Cathy has also been heavily involved in the Toronto Chapter of IPMA. She has written many articles on paralegal and law clerk utilization and integration; has an active blog and presence on LinkedIn; is a professional speaker and presenter; is an insightful and highly engaging facilitator and trainer and is otherwise internationally recognized as an expert in professional development of legal service professionals.

Cathy's presentation was well thought out and organized. There was something that was relate-able to all, from the brand new paralegal to the seasoned veteran. The presentation shares a life philosophy that motivation and performance is tied with professional development and training. Cathy provided thought provoking solutions to the group.

I highly recommend Catherine D'Aversa (Legal Resource Consulting) in the advancement of consistent legal professional services, training and customized solutions to increase profitability, productivity and service standards of legal professionals.” August 5, 2012

Mayer Brown is a client of Catherine's.


Tony Pierro
General Manager, Ontario at Fasken Martineau LLB

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time

Catherine did a very quick review of our requirements and delivered. She is very passionate about the law clerk function.

December 4, 2012, Fasken's was Catherine's client

Marnie Carter
Western Regional Director for Women in Ediscovery

Catherine is extremely competent and strives to achieve high impact results. We worked together in providing instruction in Paralegal Management and Leadership. I learned from her and appreciated her positive attitude and extensive knowledge.

January 31, 2013, Marnie was with another company when working with Catherine at Legal Resource Consulting

Rose Kottis
President at Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Catherine provides law clerks with the knowledge and skills they require to fulfill their career goals. I highly recommend Catherine's programs to all practicing law clerks.

January 28, 2013, The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario is Catherine's client.

Zoe Mercer
Legal Assistant

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

I sought Catherine's advice for my own career in law and she responded with genuine care and grace. I understood Catherine to have a realistic understanding of the law office currently and over the years. She clearly understands the needs of lawyers and their support staff and how to help in operating an efficient and happy work environment that serves the staff and client...more

January 28, 2013, Zoe was Catherine's client

Geneviève Forget | Parajuriste, services corporatifs et fiscal / Corporate and Tax Paralegal
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin S.E.N.C.R.L., s.r.l. Montreal, Quebec

I contacted Cathy for a conference to be presented to the members of the Canadian Association of Paralegals (CAP) in Montreal last November 2012. Just talking with her for the preparation of the topics for her presentation to CAP members got me all interested and curious to see what she had to bring us and I was really impressed by her knowledge and expertise. Cathy provided paralegals with interesting tips and advises on how to manage our paralegal practice. I also had the opportunity to read articles prepared by Cathy and was highly impressed by her professionalism and expertise in professional development of legal service to professionals and particularly to paralegals.

Cathy's presentation was well prepared, organized and presented. We were able to understand her message and acknowledge the important points relating, among other things, to new standards in the paralegal practice. I highly recommend her.

February 13, 2013  CAP was Catherine's client.

Workshop Feedback
Cumulative from various workshop presentations

1.  Was the professional development workshop helpful to you?  

“I found the presentation very helpful.  It made the important point that we are in charge of our own “internal-practice” here at the firm.  I also found the presentation to pin-point some of the ways that we can develop working relationships with the attorneys.”


“I practice what she suggested already.  I have a day of planning and create a schedule of my weekly items.  In my case I use Friday as my planning day for the following week.  She was excellent.”


“I enjoyed the presentation and related very well to it.  It was helpful to me because I realized that there are others “out there” who feel the same as I do.  It was also helpful because Catherine has a wealth of knowledge and her experiences mirror mine, even though our experiences are from different countries.  It was helpful to listen to a framework that I have internally but have not memorialized into writing…”


2.  Did you learn anything or take away a good idea from the professional development workshop?  Please describe.


“I think some of the things I walked away with I have already put in place to some extent.  I agreed with the speaker that a work order of constantly juggling tasks/due dates is an import tool to put into place.  I think some of the ideas are considerable more important when we are a bit more busy.”


“ I never thought about using her idea of making a chart to document my work, when it was received; completed; by day / hour, etc..  It is a fabulous idea.  I am going to try it.”


“Yes - The speaker provided suggestions on how to market the paralegal presence in the firm.”


“Yes, important points made about being proactive and keeping one’s organization up to date on abilities and availability.”


“Yes, it was over all a good learning experience.  There were certain areas in job skills such as “Multitasking” that most of us were considering as advantageous. However, the presenter highlighted the disadvantages of it and guided us in a right direction.”


3.  Did this seminar offer you an opportunity to reflect upon your strengths, skills and what you bring to the table?


“Yes.  I think this seminar really allowed me to reflect on a few strengths I have here at the firm, in that I work hard to make sure people know I am up to the task.  I also think she highlighted a few ways that I can improve me work here at the firm.  I often focus on client level work, by which I mean knowing my clients and working hard to deliver the best product for them.  The presentation also brought up the fact that we need to focus equally on increasing our value to the firm in that she really broke down the hours by month, week, and day in a way that I hadn’t focused on.”


“Yes. It made me reflect mostly on my docketing strategies which I find is a weakness of mine. Also, the seminar provided an opportunity to reflect on my relationship effectiveness which I consider a strength of mine. Overall I believe the seminar was helpful in terms of it’s “value-based” perspective, allowing myself to assess what I bring to the table in terms of what I can provide in the larger scheme/system of our Law office and its multiple practice levels. “