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Profession​al Developmen​t Workshops in Toronto and Montreal – Manage Your Law Clerk Practice And Practice As A Legal Profession​al and Develop Your Paralegal Practice


I am excited to share with you the two upcoming workshops I am presenting in Toronto and Montreal for ILCO and CAP respectively.

The workshops will benefit law clerks/paralegals working in law firms, in-house legal departments or government agencies who wish to further their career or move into a more senior position and increase their value to their current employer.

Please see the invitations below.

Manage Your Law Clerk Practice And Practice As A Legal Professional brochure


The workshops are interactive and will answer specific questions or concerns from the attendees about developing and managing their law clerk/paralegal practice and advancing their career.

Please share this invitation with your law clerks/paralegals and colleagues. The attendees won’t be disappointed!

Please share your comments.

Thank you and enjoy your day!

About Catherine D'Aversa

As President of Legal Resource Consulting Inc. (“LRC”) Catherine D’Aversa is engaged by law firms, government legal departments and corporate in-house law departments to improve paraprofessional skills and services using extensive skills developed over more than 32 years in the legal industry. LRC analyses and assesses paraprofessional services within its clients’ organization and provides recommendations on structure, technology, systems, processes and management to improve services standards, productivity and profitability. LRC acts as Project Manager to implement recommendations to enhance paraprofessional skills and services to better meet lawyer and client needs while increasing revenue. LRC delivers professional development workshops on topics such as Docketing Strategies, Practice Management, Practice Development, Project Management, Strategies for Productivity & Profitability, Working as a Legal Professional and Legal Writing and Reporting. Catherine is a contributing author of several legal books and a regular speaker and commentator at business seminars and conferences.