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White Papers

Solutions for Legal Professionals

SOLUTIONS TO: MAXIMIZE LAW CLERK PROFITABILITY, PRODUCTIVITY INCREASE SERVICE STANDARDS Because of the pressure from law firm clients to provide “value-based” billing, more and more work is being delegated to the law clerk level. As a result of this, a close look at the professional development and productivity of law clerks is essential. Specifically, four …
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Effective Use of Law Clerks

EFFECTIVE USE OF LAW CLERKS By: Catherine D’Aversa Over the years the delivery of legal services has changed.  Law clerks have been incorporated into the lawyers’ practice to complement skills and increase productivity. Law clerks were traditionally relied upon to prepare and file forms, complete repetitive, fundamental legal documents and conduct various legal searches.  Today, …
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Commoditization of Law Clerk Services

Growing focus Law firms are under pressure to reduce the cost of legal services and provide more competitive legal fees and cost-effective alternative fee arrangements.  As a result, the way legal services are processed and delivered is changing.  Legal teams with blended rates are being employed which means more work is being moved down the …
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